Cluster of Lublin Medicine – Meeting about diagnostic

Cluster of Lublin Medicine – Meeting about diagnostic

On March 20 at the Auditorium Maximum Collegium Novum, the Medical University of Lublin, our Company, as a member of the Lublin Medical Cluster, was able to participate in a meeting dedicated to medical diagnostic solutions.

This event was the first of a planned series of meetings aimed at integrating the environment and identifying opportunities for cooperation, which will allow further intensification of work in search of innovative solutions and their effective introduction into the medical field.

At the meeting were presented to the Leaders of the team, appointed by the decision of the Management Board of the Lublin Cluster Medicine to perform this function, Mr. Maciej Maniecki – representing the business area in the cluster and Ph.D. Piotr Waciński – representing the scientific and clinical area in the Cluster. Team leaders give direction to the development of the medical engineering technology team in collaboration with the Council, Board and Cluster Office of Lublin Medicine.

The event was attended by people representing and working in enterprises and institutions belonging to the Cluster of Lublin Medicine, who are interested in diagnostics and solutions in this field, in connection with their professional duties and research carried out. There were also representatives and employees of the university, hospitals, private healers and other entities working in the cluster, who are interested in innovation in the above subject.

The representative of our company brought the meeting participants closer to the plans for the development of the company in medical terms, and also raised the issue of intense interest in telemedicine. As an IT company, we take an active part in the development of this form of healthcare delivery and, above all, on teleconsulting and telediagnostics.