Opening of the Professorial Medical Clinic


We are proud to announce that the work on the opening of the PMC is underway, which is the foundation of the National Institute of Hearing, Voice and Speech Medicine. The creation of the Clinic will allow the continuation of research and development activities towards the provision of specialist medical services at the highest global level.

This September, the first patients will be able to benefit from the multi-specialty medical services provided by our Clinic in Lublin. In addition, the Clinic in cooperation with scientific units will also conduct research and scientific activities.

The cooperation of our company with eminent professionals from both Europe and the United States will create an interdisciplinary team whose work will be crucial to the advancement of telemedicine.
This is one of the collaborative fruits of the XXIV Pacific Voice Conference, held in October last year.

At present, our activities are focused on a project that aims to create a telemedicine offering primarily for the prevention of otorhinolaryngology. The project will allow customers to offer previously unsubscribed or significantly improved telemedicine services. Recipients of products resulting from the implementation of this project will be individual patients, laryngologists, speech therapists, laryngologists, public and private medical providers : clinics, hospitals, social welfare houses, schools, kindergartens, etc.

In the future, the platform will be developed for other specialization services.

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