Security problem ?! Protect your data today!

Security problem ?! Protect your data today!

The wave of cyber attacks in Europe …

Renault, Nissan, and Dacia – the three big car companies, were the victims of cyber-terror hackers scattered all over Europe.

The cyber-wave has touched more than 100 countries and its activities have been targeted at both companies and institutions. The virus spread by hackers has halted production in parts of the factories and exposed the company on a high financial loss. As a result of the attack – Deutsche Bahn, the German railway operator, also suffered severe damage to the displays with messages.

 … also contacted the Offices of Local Government Units in Poland!

Not only the powerful companies have faced data loss. Cyber attacks were also directed to the Local Government Units Offices. Several dozens of units, including the Lublin Province, were paralyzed by viruses transmitted both by external data carriers and by links. Cybercriminals impersonate reputable, trusted companies to guarantee their success.

 Dangers lurking in the network

These cases make it clear that the security of information systems and the data contained therein is seriously compromised. Cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods of attack. They touch not only big companies but also state and public institutions. Do not wait and learn how to not fall victim to online crime.

 How to protect yourself from cyber attacks?

Professional software is the basis of security. Therefore R-Soft Studio proposes a solution that will provide complete protection against data leaks in your enterprise or institution. The software monitors and quickly identifies network failures and provides full control and management of IT resources.

The complement of the system is a firewall device, which provides reliable protection on the local area network to the Internet. Thanks to this, the level of security will be constantly monitored, threats quickly eliminated, and will also allow easy and convenient reporting.

 In cybercrime, employee awareness of threats is particularly important. That is why we also offer training to give them full knowledge of the dangers and how to avoid them.

 Need to review and evaluate security systems in your institution or company? R-Soft Studio will conduct a professional Security Audit!