R-Soft Medical Examinations Management System – R-SOFT MEMS


The R-Soft Medical Examinations Management System is an application for people working in the medical field. Its main task is to create and store descriptions of medical research and consultations. It gives you the opportunity to conduct a study and to write a description at the same time, freeing the user from the need to enter text. This is made possible by sophisticated speech recognition algorithms tailored to industry specificity.

For real ease of use, the application has a convenient and intuitive interface that follows the latest trends. From an IT perspective, the application is built on the latest networking technologies.

It is important for the user, however, that the application works on both PCs, Apple computers and mobile devices without the need for installing additional software. Only the current web browser is required to run the application, and since it is a network application, the other users of the system immediately see the information entered.