R-Soft Studio is a member of the Lublin Association of Lubelski Klaster Teleinformatyczny


Our company was accepted on May 30, 2016 as a member of the support group of the Lubelski Klaster Teleinformatyczny.

Lubelski Klaster Teleinformatyczny found the R-Soft Studio as a company, which is characterized by a high level of innovation and the highest technical standards.

The main task of the Lubelski Klaster Teleinformatyczny is the association of individuals and enterprises operating in the field of ICT and related institutions to support innovation, promote companies, institutions, offices, products, services and human resources.
The Lubelski Klaster Teleinformatyczny operates activities aimed at increasing the ICT society’s knowledge, promoting and supporting the development of the information society, while cooperating with the organs of governmental and self-governmental administration.

Welcome to cooperate!