We focus on development – the new department will start in September …


We would be delighted to announce that due to the company’s expansion into the market and entering the industry, R-Soft Studio’s structure will be expanded in September with a new Investment and Spatial Planning department.

Head of the new department will be the Director Emilia Niećko. As an experienced expert in her field, she will lead it with complete professionalism and passion, opening up new opportunities for the company. Ms. Emilia has many years of experience as a specialist in the Office of Spatial Planning. Thanks to the knowledge accumulated over the years, she is a reliable authority in the field of spatial management, taking advantage of the potential of the company.

The Department of Investment and Spatial Planning will deal with a comprehensive consultation on urban and spatial planning as well as professional advice on the projected investment. Its tasks will include the preparation of projects and strategies related to the efficient use of space, and therefore the necessary analyzes and studies. The department will oversee the whole process of creating plans, their contents and individual elements.