Statement of the agreement about „Wrota Lubelszczyzny – Informatyzacja Administracji” project.


„Wrota Lubelszczyzny – Informatyzacja Administracji”We are pleased to inform, that on the 14th October 2015 was signed an agreement, whose object is transfer of the rights and obligations relating to services provided under the project „Wrota Lubelszczyzny – Informatyzacja Administracji” to R-SOFT Studio Sp. z o.o.. These services was previously provided by E-Studio Software Sp. J..

That fact means that from 16th October 2015 R-SOFT Studio provides a Helpdesk for the purchaser and project partners.

In case of problems please contact with the following communication channels dedicated for „Wrota Lubelszczyzny – Informatyzacja Administracji”:

                                                 – phone number: 81 4408 306

                                                 – dedicated e-mail address: helpdesk@rsoftstudio.pl

                                                 – Helpdesk address: http://helpdesk.rsoftstudio.pl