Basic stages of deployment of our products

The intention of this stage is to define the project goals, an understanding of the economic environment, the estabilishment of the project organization and to define the directions of improvement of the company. In the first stage activities are: conduct meeting organization, rating of the existing state of company functioning and estabilishment of the implementation team. After the presentation of the methodology and scope of the project, we carry out an preimplementation analysis. Meanwhile, Team Manager defines the detailed schedule and plan of implementation and cost estimate.
The purpose of this phase is to reconcile and document the business processes of the company, definig priorities of changes and redesign approaches and structure. Activities doing in these stage are: method presentation, documentation of business processes, selection and analysis of processes to redesign and redesign it. Stage starts with the key user and administration training. Then developed the concept of the system of individual areas of activity of company after moving them to the system. There are perfomed a prototype of data coversion and data transfer tests.
Created test scenarios are designed to verify the implementation of the various business processes in the system. Shall be carried out in order to determine whether you can accept the system or module. These test are best to carried out after the completion of the integration tests. Integration tests allows to eliminate all bugs in appliction, in which while we doing acceptance tests there are no errors in relations between elements of the system. Acceptance tests check the validity of the business process from the point of view of the final user. Under acceptance tests we offer: • Reporting of business requirements, • Preparation of acceptance tests scenarios, • Implementing of acceptance tests scenarios, • Reporting bugs and work progress.
Last stage of implementation before the deployment of the System begins with the verification of the parametrization. Then we prepared instructions and train the final users. Depending on the implementation data can be transferred from the old system. After verification of the entered data is taken a decision to start work on the new system. This phase ends with the signing of the protocol.
Services consisting of removal of defects, by the dedicated consultants. In the framework of assistance we provide HelpDesk notification system, telephone consultations, assistance through the remote control, and post-implementation audits.