Mobile Apps

We created native mobile apps for Android and hybrid mobile apps that can run on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and many more mobile operating systems.

There are several types of mobile apps:

•    Individual apps installed on the device, which for proper operation does not require an Internet connection.

•    Client applications that are mobile interface to the apps installed on the server. This type of applications work well when many people interact with each other. For this type of application is required to connect to the Internet or a local area network.

•    Web applications, that is advanced Web pages that have been optimized to run on mobile devices.

•    Games.

Aplikacie mobilne
aplikacje mobilne
In prepared apps we can use many of the features of mobile devices, for example: geolocation, camera, vibration, accelerometer, compass and integrate with the device, for example: on the issue of contacts.

Also familiar to us are more advanced applications like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), single and multi-dimensional bar codes and many more.