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Business Intelligence
Business environment in which we live today is characterized by increasing the dynamic of changes. This situation forces the enterpreneurs to make decisions fast, but throughtful.

Any procrastination with decisions may cause that company missed the opportunity to increase their competetive position and to improve the financial condition of the company.

Taking good decisions in a short period of time is dependent on access to the datas and their interpretation.

Solution, that will support decision making basis on the available data are Business Intelligence tools.

Within the Business Intelligence are applications and technologies for the collection, storage, analysis and delivery of data.

Our offer to meet the expectations of Customers, proposes the following Business Intelligence solutions:
  • Reports designing – tools, which, on the basis on the data contained in the system database, help you to create necessary reports.Working with us you can outsource design of specific reports to our qualified employees or you can create reports using SQL queries.
  • Analysis and consulting – analysis of customers needs for informations that he wants to get.
  • Data migration – moving data from variety sources to target database by using ETL tools by qualified specialists.
  • System development – upgrading an existing and functioning suitable System.
  • Service and maintenance – support to the total reduction of downtime of the system.
  • Training – dedicated post-implementation using System training.
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