Why R-SOFT Studio?


The greatest value of our company are our employees, which is why we do our best to make great atmosphere in work.

Our Staff created a cohesive and objective focused team, which recognize values such as emphaty, tolerance, kindness, involvement, respect and trust. We don’t tolerate denunciation and unfair competition.

Creating our team we do not forget that each person is an individual, which bring added value to a company. We want to have in our team people with passion and positive energy.

In our company every day is a new challenege, so together we share our experience and thoughts encouraging to creativity and contribute new ideas.

Each of employees working on the success of our company, that’s why we believe that every completed project is a cause for pride and celebrate small and large achievements.

Nasz personel tworzy zgrany i ukierunkowany na cele zespół
Dla naszych pracowników organizujemy imprezy integracyjne

As is well known „not same work man alive”. Therefore, for our employees we organize many events, granted Multisport cards and we give opportunity to relax in the PlayRoom.

We have a simple and transparent organisational structure, which promotes positive relations in the team. The promotion path is clear and comprehensible, available both vertically and horizontally. Professional developmnet is possible not only through participation in interesting and ambitious project but also through certificate trainings.

Our additional advantage is modern, spacious and comfortably furnished office in Lublin.

We employ programmers, developers, analysts, testers and consultants.

You are an expert in your field? Are you looking for interesting and challenging projects? The work is also a passion for you? Are you creative? Do you have the real impact at your work and carrier?  Don’t wait. Apply today!

Current vacancies can be found in the „Job offers”. Didn’t find offers for you? Send your CV at: kariera@rsoftstudio.pl

You run your own business? Do you want to collaborate on various project? We create business not only by work but also through the expansion of contacts and building and maintaining business relationships. We are open to propositions. Please write or call, we will gladly to drink a cup of coffee together.

Posiadamy prostą i przejrzystą struktura organizacyjna