Service Desk

Helpdesk stanowi kluczową rolę w codziennych kontaktach z klientem
Continued growth users expectations contributed to the fact that the HelpDesk is a central role in everyday contacts with clients.

Experience and competence of the employees allow immediate assistance to our customers, so it is preserved the harmony of their work.

Our staff is created by people with passion so users of our systems receive professional and immediate assistance. The effect of our actions is a broad group of satisfied customers.

HelpDesk is support software with integrated human resources management and projects accordance with ITIL guidelines.

Main features of HelpDesk:

  • Self-service portal.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Support of multiple locations.
  • SLA management.
  • HelpDesk reports
  • Management of technical assistance
  • Incidents management
  • Problem management
  • Services catalogue
  • Configuration Management DataBase