IT Systems Testing

Testowanie oprogramowania jest bardzo ważnym elementem
Software testing is a very important proces, putting on the quality of the produced software.

Testing often determines the success or the failure of software, thereby affecting on the image of your company. Testing should begin as soon as possible, because the basic sources of errors are the specification and project. The later an errors are detected the cost of fix it is higher.

Objective of tests:

•   Checking the system for compliance with the documentation.
•    Detections of errors in the early stages of software development.
•    Presentation of the results of the tests.
•    Checking the compability of the system after the implementation.

We offers comprehensive solutions to ensure the quality of produced software.

Services offers by R-SOFT Studio:

•    Tests management.
•    Tests automation.
•    Functional tests.
•    Structural tests.
•    Modules tests.
•    Regression tests.
•    Integration tests.
•    Performance tests and audits.
•    Security tests and audits.
•    UAT tests.

R-Soft Studio oferuje kompleksowe rozwiązania